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    CQ6132A bench lathe

    CQ6132A bench lathe

    Mini bench lathe
    Standard configuration

    3-jaw chuck, center, metric exchange gear, exchange gear sleeve, V-belt, oil gun, adjusting tools

    Optional configuration

    Stand, steady rest, follow rest, live center, inch exchange gear, drill taper stock, reductive sleeve



    CQ6132A desktop lathe can be used for processing of cars, drills, files, trucks, and inch threads. It is applicable to the processing of metal and non-metal parts. It is used in instruments, light industrial machinery, motorcycles, auto parts and other industries, school teaching, and vehicle maintenance. Ideal equipment for single-piece processing or mass production, such as home maintenance, research institutes, etc.



    Swing dia. over bed 330mm
    Swing dia. over table 185mm
    Distance between centers 610mm 
    Spindle bore 40mm
    Spindle taper MT5
    Spindle speed 1802000r/min
    Longitudinal stroke 600mm
    Cross stroke 170mm
    Small toolpost stroke 85mm
    Metric pitch/grade 0.5~3/10mm
    Inch pitch/grade 8~48/14mm
    Power of motor 1.5kw
    Overall dimensions 1540x680x520mm
    N.W/G.W 350/400kg

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